Do you have any recommendations for wireless headsets?




  • Paradigmshiftfitness

    awful headphones. the quality is good but they don't stay on your head. that gets to be a problem teaching a movement class.

  • Tiinaveer

    Paradigmshiftfitness:  of the two, which of the headphones are you referring to re: not staying on your head?  and have you found one that works well for fitness classes? Thanks!

  • Powhow

    Hi folks!

    We have tested both headsets extensively and have found that the Logitech H760 is the best for movement based classes. The headset is ultra-light and wraps around your ears- which helps it stay in place even through inversions.  The sound quality from the Plantronics headphone tends to be a little bit better- but will not stay put if you're moving around! We recommend the Plantronics if you're doing slow movement or discussion lead classes.




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